5 Must-Have Essential Oils For Every Problem!

Facing health-related issues due to stress, anxiety or inflammation? We have a better solution for you apart from over-the-counter medicines. Essential oils it is! These have been used as an alternative medicine to cure ailments and maintain health since centuries. Use essential oils as part of your daily routine and experience goodness. Ready to give it a try?

We have shared 5 most popular essential oils and each of their health benefits.

1. Tea Tree

Tea Tree is known for its antifungal properties and is usually used to treat a wound, burn or cut. Worried about it containing toxic substances? Fret not! It’s very safe to use.

2. Oregano 

Oregano is known for its copious health benefits, right from improving respiratory tract issues like cough to headaches and even menstrual cramps. 

3. Lavender 

Simply smelling lavender essential oil can reduce oxidative stress and improve your sleep quality as well. Thanks to its calming and soothing properties! 

4. Lemon 

Worried about how to get rid of dry skin? Lemon essential oil is the best to bring back the vitality your skin requires. Apart from this, it is known to fight pathogens found in food as well. 

3. Peppermint

A must-have, it is used to boost energy levels and also helps with digestion. Use this essential oil to improve focus.

P.S These essential oils are quite effective; one drop is just what you need. But it is recommended that you dilute them in either coconut, olive or argan oil for better results. You can use it as aromatherapy during mediation and yoga practise.