5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Metallic Lipsticks!

Are you among those people who will only flaunt a metallic lip at a wedding reception or cocktail party? Well, it’s time to change your makeup routine ladies. Metallic lipsticks are more popular than ever and we are lovin’ every bit of it. Take a break from your beloved matte or gloss and swap it with a metallic shade instead. We give you five reasons why metallic lipsticks are a fab choice—wedding or not. Take a look!


Stand-out at any function with Metallic Lipsticks

Metallics are bold and radiant—great to wear them in the evening or an afternoon function to add the right amount of glam. Applying metallic lipstick on the centre, top and bottom of your lips, helps create a dynamic pout. Our Bronze Me Up Metallic Liquid Lipstick does just that!

With Metallic Lipsticks, don’t bother about the highlighter on your face

Cut down on cheekbone highlights with the use of statement-making metallic lipsticks. Opt for a bright pop of colour on the lips like our Rose All Day Metallic Liquid Lipstick for a flawless, fresh-faced look.

Get insta-worthy pictures with Metallic Lipsticks

Bring out the star in you instantly wearing a Metallic lippie. Capture incredible sun-drenched selfies during the day and glam looks at night with this shine-on trend that looks fabulous on everyone. 

Bored of your makeup routine? Metallic Lipsticks are just what you need!

Let the focus be on your lips if you are too lazy to do your makeup. Use a high-shine metallic lipstick and combine it with a classic black eyeliner and light-colored eyeshadow for an au natural look.

You can replace the most-loved matte with Metallic Lipsticks

Just when you’ve had enough of matte lipsticks, try a metallic lip instead—to add a refreshing and modern touch to your beauty looks. Get the shine of a gloss and longevity of a matte with our metallic liquid lipsticks online.  

Want to go full metal on the lips? Try Bollyglow Goan Sunset Metallic Liquid Lipstick, a pinkish lippie with a little sheen. Try our other two shades as well, whatever suits you!

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