6 life-changing eyeshadow hacks

Eyeshadow palettes are so attractive and enticing that it’s a challenge not to buy them—despite not knowing what exactly to do with all those colours! We’ve all had at least one (or five) eyeshadow palette where our favourite two-three shades have hit pan while the remaining few are practically untouched. But, here are some nifty tips to maximize the use of even those under-appreciated shades.

White magic: White eyeshadow may seem too plain and harsh as an eyeshadow but it can be used to highlight certain areas of your face. While the effect may not be as dazzling as your favourite sparkling highlighter, swiping a little white eyeshadow on the brow bone, inner eye and Cupid's bow can instantly enhance your look.

2. Learn about highlights and shadows:
 Have you been playing safe with just one shade across the eyelids? It’s time to mix things up a bit. Use the light shades in your palette to highlight the brow bone and inner corners. Swipe the medium-toned shadows over your eyelids. And the darkest shades can be used in the outer corners of your eyes for a sultry smoky effect. 

3. Smoky forever: Smoky eyes are a classic. You can jazz them a little by adding a pop of colour in the inner or outer corners of your eyes. 

4. Use as eyeliner: Is there a shade you think is too OTT for you? Use it as an eyeliner instead for more subtle look. Just wet the nib of a thin brush, sweep it over the eyeshadow and draw a thin line across your lashline. It’s much easier to apply than a liquid or gel liner too.

5. Taupe it up: Taupe may seem boring but it can be used in multiple ways. Swipe it along the crease of your eyes to contour the socket, apply lightly under your cheekbones to give structure and dimension to your features and lastly, gently stroke the powder through the brows with a brow brush to make them look fuller.

6. Nail it: Even after these hacks, you have shades that are left redundant, use the rejects as nail colour. Just rub them on your nails and finish with a glossy topcoat. It gives a sweet diffused look and won’t chip like nail lacquer either.