7 hacks to ensure your matte lipsticks don’t dry out your lips

There’s no denying that matte lips look bomb! The saturated colour and velvety finish can instantly make you look like a diva. However, there’s one big issue you need to tackle with matte lipstick ie lip drying. Matte lipstick don’t work on dry and chapped lips and if left for too long, can sometimes aid to dryness too. But one can and should not live in the fear of lipstick drying out lips! Lipstick are a game-changer and with these easy tips you can rock your matte lipstick like a boss!

Exfoliate before and after

Matte lips can go from glam to gross pretty quick if the lips are chapped and dry. Scrubbing off dead skin cells will give your lips a smooth surface for lipstick application. Matte lipstick have a tendency to settle into the dry spots on the lips, hence exfoliating your lips at the end of the night is a good idea.

Moisturise beforehand
Apply lip balm at least 20 minutes before applying matte lipstick. Allow the lip balm to soak in completely to keep the lipstick from bleeding and ensuring your lips are hydrated.

Don’t forget lip primer
Lip primer will act as barrier between your lipstick and lips to keep it from drying. It also makes the lips smooth and makes your lip colour last longer.

Choose the formula wisely
While matte lipsticks are known to be drying, you can always pick one that has moisturising ingredients like jojoba oil, almond oil and vitamin E.

Keep lip balm handy
Carry a lip balm with you for regular touch-ups through the day (or night). A hydrating lip balm will instantly moisturise your lips and make it feel softer. Also, a good idea to dab some lip balm before going for a touch-up.

Switch things up
Wearing matte lipstick everyday will make your lips dry and stained. It’s a good idea to give them rest to repair and recover. You can opt for tinted lip balms, gloss and crème format in between your matte days.

Treat your lips to an overnight lip mask to keep them soft and prepped. You can use natural lip masks like ghee, coconut oil, honey or olive oil.