Eyeliner guide to picking the right one for every look

It’s raining eyeliners RN! With so many formulas and types available, it can be a tad confusing to choose the right one for you. Here’s a quick guide to know which eyeliner works best for the look you are going for… Read on to find out your pick and get your eye game on point.

Kohl pencil for waterline
Lining your eyes with black kohl is a timeless trick to instantly uplift the face and define eyes. Pencil liners are ideal for quick and easy application.

Liquid eyeliner for classic cat-eye
Cat-eye look never goes out of style and is the perfect makeup trick to look put together in a jiffy. It adds instant glam to the look and works for all occasions. Liquid eyeliners are the best to achieve this look as they offer rich pigment and fluidity.
Tip: First create the flick on the outer corners of your eyes and then move inwards with short strokes.

Foam tip for smoky eyes
Sultry smoky eyes are much simpler to achieve than it appears. All you need is a dual-sided liner with foam tip on the other side. Apply the liner across the lash line and smudge it with the foam tip for instant glamour.

Felt liner for graphic trend  
To create graphic or retro liner that is sharp and striking, pick up a felt/pen liner with a sharp tip. The felt liner offers utmost control and precision for those looking to get creative.