Lipstick Shades For Different Occasions—Must See!

Start each day with your favourite lipstick and a beautiful smile, but make sure your most-loved lippie is not the same for every occasion. If it is, how boring! Whether you’re at work, a party or best friend’s wedding, the shade of lipstick you choose can make or break your look and the mood of the occasion too. A dark red for work is too eye-catchy and an au naturel nude for a wedding might just put you in the ''too simple'' zone. Apart from the specific event, make sure you pick a lip tint that matches your skin tone as well.

Beauties, let’s find out the occasions relevant to you and which shade of lipstick is suitable for the same. Allow your lips to do the talking!

Take a loooook….

When Your Work Days Are All About Making An Impression….

Lipstick Shade You Need: Nude

Long hours at work calls for a shade that’s professional and not loud. Ideally, a nude lip tint is just what you need like Bollyglow’s Send Nudes Lip Liner & Matte Liquid Lipstick that is fabulous for your Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 work days because it lends a simple, yet impactful vibe. What’s the plus point? You can focus on your eye make-up more. Yay!

When Saturday Nights are meant for Club hopping….

Lipstick Shade You Need: Red

After a hectic work week, you deserve a break. Girls, you’ll require a shade that will keep you in the spotlight and express your enthusiasm. A pop of red is a classic way to bring in the weekend and will take you stylishly through every club in town. Get a look at Bollyglow's Bollyrouge Lip Liner & Matte Liquid Lipstick that offers a vivid colour that won't budge and add to your party look.

When Brunch is Always a Good Idea on Sunday….

Lipstick Shade You Need: Light Pink
Sundays are meant for relaxation and a shade of pink on your lips is ideal for weekend brunch with your beau followed by strolls through the park. Treat yourself to Bollyglow's Babydoll Lip Liner & Matte Liquid Lipstick —a staple shade you must carry along for all your day soirees. P.S It can even be used for meeting his fam-jam. Wink!

When You Ought to Look FAB at Your BFF’s wedding….

Lipstick Shade You Need: Metallics

Did you know, your lip colour says a lot about you and a metallic lipstick is a way to make a glitzy statement, especially during festive occasions. Bollyglow’s Metallic Matte Lipsticks are meant for those special occasions and just when you want to grab all the attention. Go ahead, complement your lip colour with the glamorous mood of the occasion.

When Your Family organizes a Dinner Party You Can’t Escape…

Lipstick Shade You Need: Peach

An upcoming dinner your huge family just organised on the family "Whatsapp group" has got you thinking what to wear and what make-up would be suitable for the occasion. Fret not, Bollyglow's Heirloom Peach Lip Liner & Matte Liquid Lipstick is the perfect lip colour for an evening at the dinner table. Plus point? This matte lippie will let you make it through all the meals and beverages. A peach tint, in a matte finish, is a top pick!

When Your Friends Insists on Catching Up….

Lipstick Shade You Need: Pink

Planned a quick meet-up over coffee at the newly-opened café with your girlfriends? Pink shaded lips are perfect to match the relaxed, casual mood during the day. Bollyglow's Screen Siren Lip Liner & Matte Liquid Lipstick glides smoothly and gives you a precise and well-defined pout—will give you the perfect pout for insta-worthy pictures. 

Refresh your lippies with a plethora of matte liquid lipsticks with moisturizing formula in stunning shades for a more classic, yet lively aesthetic that’s set to match the Spring/Summer mood and any occasion.  Each comes with a lip liner that glides smoothly and gives a velvety, defined pout. Thanks to the creamy texture!

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