Prettiest makeup trends to rock on a rainy day

Monsoons offer respite from the unbearable heat but the rise in humidity can play havoc with your makeup, causing it to melt and smear. But you can always turn the muggy and sweaty weather to your beauty advantage. Here are some fun trends you can incorporate this season without worrying about sweating or being caught in a sudden downpour. We promise you the melted makeup trend is sexy, edgy and fun!

Soft stained lips
Get summery popsicle stained lips by blotting a red or pink lip stain on the centre of your lips. Gently dab and blend the colour over the edges of your lips. The pigment will last you all day, so sip on iced teas all day without a worry.

Smudged kohl
Bring out your sultry side by rimming your eyes with a jet-black eyeliner. The sweatier you get, the more your liner with smudge around the waterline, adding a hint of drama. However, to ensure your kohl doesn’t completely run down your face, opt for water-resistant kohl.

Tinted skin
The muggy weather is not the most ideal for foundation. Swap your full-coverage foundations with tinted sunscreen or CC creams for a natural glow. Top it with a powder bronzer for a sunny-beachy feel to beat the gloomy weather.

Metallic blush
Your skin already has a dewy glow thanks to the high moisture content in the air, but take that look a few notches up by blending in a metallic cream blush on your cheeks for a dazzling sheen. You can also opt for a metallic liquid lipstick and use it on the cheeks, lips and eyes to tie the whole look together.

Glossy shadow
Wet-look eyes are a huge rage this season. To create the look, apply your favourite eyeshadow, and dab clear lip gloss over it. For beginners, start by dabbing a little gloss only on the centre of the eyelids for a light-reflecting finish.