Pro Tips To Keep In Mind When You’re Doing Your Eyes!

Ever wondered how your most-loved influencer or beauty blogger gets her eye makeup on point? Well, they just follow a few simple makeup tips that lets them work that magic and achieve perfection. We agree that when it comes to doing your eye makeup, it can get a lil’ tricky. But don’t worry, we have rounded out a few simple eye makeup tips for you girls who have been so overwhelmed by eye makeup and our #IIdolEyezMe range moreover. Take a look!







Ready and set to become a Pro?


Pro Tip 1: The tip of your pencil liner must be thin yet blunt in order to achieve precision & get the desired shape. To prevent your eyeliner from crumbling, allow it to freeze and later sharpen. (Our Duo Pencil Eyeliners are highly-pigmented and thin enough to create the perfect stroke. They can be sharpened whenever required.)

Pro Tip 2: Before applying the eyeliner, make sure to apply a really good primer so the eye makeup does not smudge.  

Pro Tip 3: Make sure the eyeliner is as close to the lashline as possible (known as tight-lining). This makes your eyelashes look denser.

Pro Tip 4: For a smoky eye effect, make sure to opt for a pencil liner because it’s soft and creamier, making it easier to blend. (Well, have you tried our Duo Pencil Eyeliners? If not, these can be used as a liner and creamy enough to be smudged into eye shadow )

Pro Tip 5: For a winged eyeliner, a liquid liner is preferable—start on the lashline and work your way towards the corners. (P.S If your hands are not steady enough, you ought to try our Film Noir Precision Pen Eyeliner that offers easy grip and the fine tip for precision. DON’T MISS!)


Eye Shadow

Pro Tip 1: At first, make sure to invest in high-quality products and brushes because these matter apart from proper application and blending. (Our Shadow Liners come with quality brush; it can be used as a liner and creamy enough to be smudged into eye shadow.)

Pro Tip 2: Before you go in with the eye shadow, make sure to apply a really good primer so the eye makeup stays put and does not crease.  

Pro Tip 3: To nail the perfect eyeshadow, make sure to use a dark shade for the bottom area of your eye, a medium shade for the area above and a light shade for the top. (P.S With our Gold Digger Shadow Liner, you won’t have to worry about having a good quality brush and the right variation of shades on your eyes.)

These were some pro tips that you must keep in mind every time you do your eye makeup. Hope these tips were helpful and if you have any personal tips you’d like to share, please feel free to comment below