Sheet mask 101

Sheet mask 101: Simple hacks to make the most of your sheet mask

Sheet masks are the best thing that happened to us. Whether you want a mini facial at home or 20-minute me-time to relax, sheet mask is your best bet. What’s even better? The results are instant! If using one daily is not an option, here’s how you can get your money’s worth by making the most of your sheet mask:

Start on a clean canvas: Before you put on your sheet mask, make sure you have cleansed your face and removed every last bit of makeup. Clean pores allow the active ingredients of the serum to get absorbed in the skin better and reduce any risk of trapping in impurities that could lead to acne.

Choose the right material: Sheet masks come in many forms such as paper, fiber, tin foil and bio-cellulose. And while you may think that the material doesn’t play a huge role, think again. Bio-cellulose sheet masks are not only easy to apply but also adhere to the skin most tightly, forming a tight seal and delivering the ingredients most effectively.

Full body TLC: It’s the essence/serum in the sheet mask that makes it special. So don’t let even a drop go to waste. Most sheet masks come with excess essence, scoop out the leftover from the packet and slather it all your neck, chest, hands and feet.

Max out the essence: Another way to make the most of the serum is by soaking cotton pads in them and then using them on areas of the face that require additional care such as under eyes or T-zone.

Double it up: One thing to remember while applying sheet mask is that leaving it on longer is NOT better. Keeping it on for more than 15-20 minutes has a reverse effect as the mask tends to suck out the moisture from the skin. However, since most sheet masks are double sided, there’s no reason to not make the most of it. Flip your mask the other side after 10 minutes for extra nourishment.

Chill out: Storing your sheet masks in the refrigerator can give your additional benefits. The cold temperature stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce puffiness. On a hot day, a cold sheet mask can be super refreshing and soothe tired and irritated skin.