Step-by-step guide to luscious flake-proof matte lips

Matte lips are super trendy and a head-turner, but for some they can be drying and may even chip off. But there’s a simple way to combat that issue. With a little extra effort, you can get perfectly matte lips that don’t require touch-ups!

Step 1: Prep
Start by gently exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub or using a wet toothbrush in circular motion over your lips. This will remove all the dead cells that make the lips appear uneven and chapped. Massage a hydrating lip balm to soften lips.

Step 2: Remove excess oils
Leave lip balm on for 10 minutes and then lightly dab your lips with a tissue to remove excess grease. This will make your matte lipstick last longer and ensure your lips don’t feel heavy.

Step 3: Perfect base
Swipe lip primer or little concealer on the lips to make the lip colour look vibrant.

Step 4: Outline with a lip liner
Matte lipsticks are super pigmented and prone to bleeding. Keep your lip colour in place by lining your lips with a matching lip liner. Fill your lips with the liner as well to keep your lipstick from fading.

Step 5: Apply the lipstick
Using one stroke, apply your favourite lip colour with the wand or lip brush. Make sure to blend it well with the liner and pay special attention to the corners.

Step 6: Seal the deal
Place a tissue on your lips and lightly dab excess lipstick. Keep the tissue on and dust some translucent loose powder over it. This allows the powder to come through the tissue and deposit onto your lipstick and seal it for a long-lasting finish.

Step 7: Slay!