Your Lipstick Shade Says A Lot About Your Personality!

Did you know? Your choice of lipstick shade says a lot about your personality as per research. On a regular day you might match your lipstick colour with either your dress or shoes. But there have been times when you randomly selected a lipstick shade just because you were feeling a certain way—sensuous for red, cute for pink or just simple for nude.

Taking cues from our Bollywood Stars lip colors and the characters they portrayed in their respective movies, get to know a bit about your personality ladies!


Soft Pink Lipstick

Soft pink shades represent a soft-heart and femininity. Girls who wear pink lipstick are cute and forever young, full of love and life; she is ready to follow her dream. The pink lipstick on Alia Bhatt portrays her youthful, romantic and innocent character in Dear Zindagi.

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Red Lipstick

Love to wear red lipstick? If yes, then you are the fearless one! Not just that, you love to experiment with fashion and communicate a lot. Did we mention you are always ready for fun and have the confidence to handle all the attention, too much! The red lipstick on Kangana Ranaut complements her passionate, sensuous, bold and full of energy persona in Tanu Weds Manu.

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Naturally Nude Lipstick

A girl with nude lips is not pretentious; she is known to be confident about her natural looks. She is easy going, cool and calm. The nude lipstick on Anushka Sharma depicts her simple & down to earth nature in Sultan.

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Brown or Dark Lipstick

A dark lipstick shade kinda' girl? She is totally off the beaten track. She loves to explore the unknown rather than takes the obvious path. The dark lipstick on Sonam Kapoor elicits her challenging and adventurous personality in Padman.

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Whatever your personality we have the right shade of lipstick for you. Tell us which lipstick shade is your fave and which of the above Bollywood stars can you relate with. Comment Below.