12 Words Only Makeup Lovers Will Understand!

Bollywood actor, doctor, fashion stylist, engineer or whatsoever profession you belong to, there’s a certain vocabulary we tend to take on. Don’t you agree? Starting from Bollywood lingo “Which item number is your favourite?” to “The summer shoot will be held in Spain” in context to fashion. For us beauty people, there are a few techniques and phrases that may mean different to a layperson, but for makeup lovers there’s a whole list of terminology and phraseology that’s totally distinctive to the cosmetology industry. Baking never means baking a cake. Foundation never means an institution. And, caked on? We are certainly not talking about someone who has cake smashed on their face.

It’s true that if you’re part of the beauty community, there are certain words that act as catchwords, and have different meanings to the larger English-speaking world altogether.

Ahead, find 12 words and phrases that mean something totally different to beauty aficionados and are worth getting to know, especially for those who are not from the beauty fraternity.

Hitting pan

Regular person thinks: Hitting an actual pan (on your worst enemy).

Beauty person definition: Hitting pan means almost finishing an eye shadow, blusher or powder to the point where you can see the bottom of the container.

Just Wing It!

Regular person thinks: To do something without preparation.

Beauty person definition: Taking your sultry winged eyeliner to the next level.


Regular person thinks:  A construction below the ground that distributes the load of the building.

Beauty person definition: A liquid or cream that matches the skin tone of the person; it is put on the face and neck for a flawless effect. 

Put Their Face on

Regular person thinks: Your immediate reaction would be “Put their face on WHAT?!”

Beauty person definition: It simply means wearing make-up.


Regular person thinks: Baking a birthday cake.

Beauty person definition: Allowing the foundation and concealer to set and “bake” into the skin with the application of translucent powder.


Regular person thinks: An especially important or interesting detail of an event.

Beauty person definition: Illuminating the main features of the face with a pearl-like, illuminating powder or liquid.


Regular person thinks: The plumage of a bird.

Beauty person definition: Streaks are created along the inner corner lid into the center with cream makeup, creating a feathery effect.


Regular person thinks: Draping a saree.

Beauty person definition: When one’s eye shadow extends beyond the bounds of the eyelid, into the temple and cheek.

To “beat” your face

Regular person thinks: To be beaten up by someone (for all the wrong reasons!).

Beauty person definition: When your makeup gets a 10 on 10 for perfection.


Regular person thinks: To quarrel or disagree with someone about something.

Beauty person definition: When particles of eye shadow fall onto the face after blending.


Regular person thinks: Metal that has been formed into a thin, flexible sheet; aluminium foil.

Beauty person definition: The process of creating creamy liquid eye shadow by mixing powdered pigment with setting spray.

Caked On

Regular person thinks: Someone who has been smashed with cake.

Beauty person definition: Just so you know, not everyone can nail a flawless makeup look. Too much makeup can make you look very unnatural. The phrase “caked on” is a negative one and generally used to describe the same.

Folks, makeup trends and techniques keep changing in the snap of a finger. Thanks to all the innovative beauty tutorials on Instagram! Keep your cosmetic lingo and technique game up and avoid the confusion.