Flash Lip Trio - Raw Footage

Rs. 795


Flash Lip Paint Trio
Now here’s a trio that is hotter and sexier than the three Khan’s of Bollywood. Our mini lip kits come in three finishes: cream, gloss and matte in the sets of perfect reds, pinks and nudes. It’s a full paisa vasool blockbuster!

Product: The three must-have mini lip kits—Thriller, Romantic Comedy and Raw Footage—come in long-lasting matte, cream and gloss finish in sets of the best of reds, pinks and nudes to match any look or mood.

A high-pigmented lip colour with gel-like shine and creamy format that glides smoothly onto lips. It’s super moisturising and the payoff is achievable in just one stroke.

A long-lasting liquid lipstick with matte finish and transfer-resistant properties. It is infused with essential oils like neem and frankincense for moisture and antioxidant benefits.

Lip gloss
A super shimmering gloss that won’t budge come rain or shine. It offers wet shine and a tinted coverage. 

How to Use

Apply directly from the bottle with the brush.


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