Moisturising Bamboo Sheet Face Mask

Rs. 195
No matter what your skin type is, it still needs its daily moisture dose! Try the Bamboo Moisturising Sheet Face Mask by Bollyglow. Packed with moisture-infusing ingredients like trehalose, this super-hydrating mask nourishes and restores the perfect moisture balance. It also repairs and increases the elasticity of the skin for a natural dewy glow.

Additional Information -
BollyGlow admires and caters to real girls and women—confident, ambitious and busy. We aim to provide you your daily beauty needs—easy-to-use, innovative and instantly transformative products that you’ll love without burning a hole in your pocket.
Bollyglow is a power merger of Bollywood and beauty. Our customers are the real stars in our eyes and these products are an aide to bringing out their inner #BGstar

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